Wisdom Ways of Being


 Spiritual Companioning

We face a wilderness of uncertainty and anxiety due to economic downturns, COVID 19 and changes in what we thought our lives would be. We are all called to deepen into the Way of Love in order to be a steadfast presence.

We will explore together such themes as purpose and meaning, experiences of suffering, transition, loss, grief, love, grace and hope as well as practical wisdom for your life. We will find a quiet moment to reflect and deepen into your own intuition as you move through each moment of each day with your loved ones and what is “yours to do” in your community at this time.

As we “shelter at home” it is a prime opportunity to explore what is most important and how to align your life going forward with your deepest values and Love.

Anita offers spiritual companioning work for groups, retreats and individuals. For times such as these, see my Psychology Today link where I am offering sessions by confidential phone or web based Telehealth. A sliding fee scale is offered as needed.

Anita Amstutz, B.S.W., MDiv, M.A. includes an educational background and over 30 years combined experience in the following:

  • Social work and pastoral counseling with individuals and families
  • One on one spiritual direction
  • Liturgy, teaching and preaching
  • hospice chaplaincy
  • Women’s spirituality
  • grief work and transitions
  • Community groups of growth and transformation
  • Prioritizing problems and increasing life skills
  • Identifying and understanding trauma
  • Strengthening resilience for life

As a certified beekeeper for almost a decade, Anita also entertains the interesting possibilities of bees, hive mind, social collaboration, colony collapse and ecological wisdom at the intersection of Sabbath mind. Wisdom ways of bee-ing are often embedded in the natural world and we have only to pay attention!

Contact Anita to arrange an appointment or to schedule a retreat, group or individual companioning.

For information on my book or to order a copy : Soul Tending: Journey into the Heart of Sabbath


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