Soul Tending friends,

I will be teaching soul tending classes retreats this coming year. A Lenten retreat is right around the corner, March 1-6, 2020.  Some themes we will explore are Sabbath Mind/Simplicity, What makes your Heart Sing? Hospitality, Healing, creativity and Nature as Sabbath Companion.

What separates you from God’s love as we enter this season of Lent? How can you find your way back to the Lord of life, The Beloved who waits and longs for you? As you prepare for Lent—a penitential season of confession and releasing things that blind us, bog us down and saturate us with meaningless things— come home to your soul! Anita Amstutz will invite us to journey into the Heart of Sabbath, a place of simplicity, hospitality, joy, play and shalom. Learn about Sabbath as an ancient Judaeo-Christian practice, and why we need it more than ever in these hungry, lonely and frenetic times of economic uncertainty, fear, violence, division and social chaos. Sabbath keeping creates space for what is needed in times like these— a heart full of courage and wisdom grounded in compassion and resilience.

Come out to the high desert of Northern New Mexico and find the solace of quiet, community and spaciousness in your schedule. To Register, click here. 

Reverend Anita Amstutz is an ordained Mennonite minister who has led congregations in the Rio Grande watershed and Rocky Mountain region for over 16 years. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she works ecumenically with the Center for Action and Contemplation and their on-line spirituality classes. At the intersection of Catholic and Jewish mysticism and Mennonite practicality, she creates and leads liturgy and worship, teaches spiritual formation, preaches, counsels, is a hospice chaplain and has personally wrestled with what it means to live from Sabbath Mind.

Anita Amstutz

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