The Code of the Universe is Written in Beauty

The call is to wake up. Be here now. Be present.

Not to be cliché, but we are in deep do-do as a country and as a human community, friends.

The best thing we can do is love the small, the tiny, that which is indigenous to each moment, each place we inhabit….and let it lead your heart to a deepening compassion and fierce love. As Baba Dioum, Senegalese Forestry Engineer to the U.N. said in 1968, We will not save what we do not love.


The sound of a bell

Still reverberating,

or a blackbird calling

from a corner of the field,

asking you to wake

into this life,

or inviting you deeper

into the one that waits.

Either way

takes courage,

either way wants you

to be nothing

but that self that

is no self at all,

wants you to walk

to the place

where you find

you already know

how to give

every last thing


The approach

that is also

the meeting


without any


at all.

That radiance

you have always

carried with you

as you walk

both alone

and completely


in friendship

by every corner

of the world



– David Whyte

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