To Dust

We are still in Lent. The season of our sorrow has a light at the end of the tunnel as a country, but the struggles are still pernicious and perennial. COVID-19. War. Environmental destruction. Racism. White supremacy. Poverty. Sexism. A climate emergency.

Meanwhile. This season is about a deep introspection of our own complicity. As one child put it, “children are being killed not because of the powerful, but because good people are silent.” The people of loving and faithful action are more powerful than we know! Our awakening is at hand.

Meanwhile. I pray to deepen in Love during this wilderness time when Easter resurrection seems so far off. Love of self. Love of “other”. Knowing we are forgiven in every fiber of our being by a loving God. I want to emerge from this season like a baptismal candidate pushing up from the sandy bottom of the river, my whole being washed clean by the shining waters and Holy Ghost.

May this song be a balm as you continue your lenten journey.

Let my crying come to dust

let my grief be turned to ashes

let my heart be cleansed with flame

kyrie eleison

let my mourning turn to song

let my sorrow turn to sunrise

let my broken spirit rest

christe eleison (To Dust, Karen Marolli, (Morningstar Music Publishers)

One thought on “To Dust

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