On Resurrection

Because sometimes we travel heavy
and those head-y times we can barely
imagine the freebody movement of dance.

Because sometimes we travel dark
and from those hard paths we can’t even
conjure an image of sunrise or moonrise or starlight or fire.

Because sometimes we travel solo
and those lonely times we forget all the others
we’ve travelled with lovingly
travelled with home.

Because sometimes we need to be
travelling lightly
because sometimes we’re in need of
regular reminding
that light comes in circles
and waves
and small moments
and light
comes to find us
and light comes with hope.

Pádraig Ó Tuoma

(Irish poet, theologian and conflict mediator from Ireland. His work centres around themes of language, justice, story and religion.)

6 thoughts on “On Resurrection

  1. My dear Anam Cara.
    This is beautiful and so relevant to what unfolding right now in our world. . Thank you and blessed easter💙🙏

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