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I wrote the book Soul Tending: Journey into the Heart of Sabbath  as my vocational wake up call to the lost Judeo-Christian practice of keeping Sabbath. The book Soul Tending is an invitation to you as the reader, to revive Sabbath in your personal, faith, family and work communities. It is an invitation to receive the gifts and blessings of fallow time and Sabbath Mind.

We live in times driven by the erosion of economic, social, religious and political institutions, looming eco-cide, hyper technology, the scourge of busyness, restlessness and anxiety. Now is the time to ground our lives in mindful living to face times such as these.

 I will be offering a 40 day Sabbath Circles on-line class September/October 2019 for one hour/week— as a companion to the Soul Tending book. Weekly you will join a small circle of pilgrim Sabbath Soul Tenders, seeking to deepen into this practice in your life. It will be a place of support, accountability and soul tending practices week by week for Sabbath to “root” in your life. Forty days will begin to re-wire your mind, body and soul for the rhythm of Sabbath.

As the AA community already knows, it takes at least forty days of being clean and sober to change one’s habits. (Soul Tending, p. 2)

If you desire to create a more peaceful, balanced, creative, joyful and simple way of being and a more awakened, loving sense of the Holy, this is an opportunity to do this in community.

Soul Tending and Sabbath Circles are two sides of the same coin. Knowledge and practice. Intellect and experience. Wisdom and loving action.



$125 for weekly one hour web-based sessions with Anita and a circle of other practitioners

$150 after August 15, 2019

You will experience:

  • Forty days of accountability to deepen into Sabbath rhythms as you reflect upon your life
  • Guided opening contemplative/centering practice
  • Soul Tending check ins with a Sabbath Circle of other kindred spirits
  • Group discussion based upon readings and exploration of Sabbath soul tending practices
  • One private soul work session with Anita outside of class, if desired

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